Video: 8 Tips for Finding Balance Between Work and Life

Use these tips to be more mindful about fully embracing time completely outside of work. 


August is for the Dogs!

Rin Tin Tin.jpgWalking through the bombed battlefield of France, Lee was surprised to see one building still standing: a kennel. Peering inside he heard whimpers from newborn pups. Having been abandoned by his parents, the young American soldier was determined to keep two of the puppies for himself.

July is for National Parks!

National Parks.jpg    
 Life was hard on the farm.

Having a strict disciplinarian as a father made it even harder. Precious time between plow and hoe was spent roaming the woods of the Wisconsin countryside.

As a young man, John experienced a severe eye injury while working in a carriage parts shop.

June 2016: Why You Should Monitor Your Credit


Let’s state up front that you don’t need a credit monitoring service to stay on top of your credit status.

December 23: Tis' the Season Tale

Tis' the Season Tale

deer 14.jpgIt was 1939. The Great Depression was still lingering after a long winter's nap.

It was a time when a pair of ladies shoes cost $1.98, and a man's dress shirt cost $.74 cents.

Bob May knew something about the price of a man's dress shirt since it was his job as a copywriter to write about them for Montgomery Ward in Chicago. 

Bob was thankful for his job during one of the worse economic times in history, even though he wished he had more time to work on the great American novel. 

December 11: Happy International Mountain Day!

Ingrid 2.jpgDid you know today, December 11, is International Mountain Day?

International Mountain Day is celebrated to recognize the significance and fortitude of our mountains across the world. 

From Yosemite to the Andes, from the Smokies to Mt. Everest, mountains hold great importance in our lives.

Their beauty, strength, and water supply they hold within their deep crevices, provides us a host of physical and spiritual nourishment.

But they're also dangerous.

As we sat and watched the movie, Everest, Todd and I couldn't help recognize the correlation of mountain climbing to what soon-to-be retirees and actual retirees are doing every day. 

We can distinctly recognize four groups of retiree mountain climbers.

November 19, 2015: What Happened to Social Security?

2 ladies.jpg  

I don't like surprises.

Not even on my birthday. No waitstaff singing or even a surprise birthday cake.

I like to know what's around the next corner or at least try to plan what might be there.

So it was shocking when the government changed the Social Security rules, just like that.

No warning. Not even a whisper that anything like this was being considered. 

But it's here, so now what?

October 15, 2015: The Meaning of Fickle


I once had a friend in Junior High School my mother called a "fair-weather" friend.

In other words, some days she acted like my friend, and other days she wouldn't give me the time of day. The technical term for this type of relationship is called fickle.

October 7, 2015: The Age of Economic Uncertainty


The market continues to grapple with uncertainty.

Click Here to view the most recent Horter Market Commentary.

Claude Shannon, the American mathematician, known as the ‘the father of information theory’, said, “Information is the resolution of uncertainty.”

So it is our intent the information we provide helps resolve feelings of stock market uncertainty.

Last month we called the historic four-day slide in the stock market from August 20-24 a possible “shot across the bow” signifying the beginning of a prolonged major market drop.

October 1, 2015: Scary October

carl.jpgWell, here it is - October.

A month of scary movies, stories, and trick or treaters soon knocking on your door.

According to Carl Icahn, the Billionaire investor activist that buys sizable stakes in companies and then demands major changes thinks something worse will be knocking on your door soon. 

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