Who We Are

Who We Are

MariJo-Harding_407959.jpgMariJo Harding 

I became an independent stockbroker (Series 7) after I left Prudential as a sales manager in 2000. I quickly learned how the ‘real financial world’ worked, and it isn't pretty. I was surprised to learn that it is suitable to sell a product to a client even if it isn't in their best interest. I learned the most important entity in the sales cycle was the broker/dealer. I didn't appreciate being told how much I had to sell and when.

I became an Investment Advisor Representative (Series 66) in 2007 which carries a fiduciary responsibility. Instead of selling products that only has to be suitable, a fiduciary must place the client's needs beyond their own. I allowed my brokerage license (Series 7) to expire. Moving out of the suitability world and entering the fiduciary world felt right. I am honored to help our clients with their income needs while ensuring their best interest at heart. 


Todd Seth

As a partner of a California mortgage real estate company, I helped clients reach the "American Dream." After the real estate meltdown in 2008, I easily moved into the financial services industry while still helping my clients reach their retirement goals.

As an Investment Advisor Representative (Series 65), I enjoy the process of learning about and understanding the concerns of our clients and how those concerns have affected their lives personally. By looking through their eyes, you not only gain the proper perspective, but have the ability to change their lives.



Together we create a powerful force for the betterment of our clients. Having the ability to understand what's important to our clients, as we work together as a team, is a win-win endeavor.

Both of us bring a special set of skills honed from our previous experiences. Mixing these skills together for the purpose of enhancing our clients' financial life is dynamic. Working with your best friend makes it even better.

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